A new species of capillariid nematode, Freitascapillaria laticauda n. sp. (Capillariidae), is described from the intestine of the blue ridge sculpin, Cottus caeruleomentum (Cottidae, Scorpaeniformes) from the Blue Lick Run, Maryland, United States. It differs from its congeners mainly in the body length (male 3.1–5.4 mm, female 7.0–11.1 mm), the length of the male esophagus (1.5–2.9 mm) and spicule (42–45 µm), and the size of eggs (60–66 × 27–33 µm). Previous records of Freitascapillaria spp. were from characid, poeciliid, and cyprinid fishes in Brazil, Neotropical Mexico, and China, respectively, so that F. laticauda n. sp. is the first species of this genus reported from Nearctic North America and from a scorpaeniform fish.

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