Three new species of the feather mite genus Proterothrix Gaud, 1968 (Proctophyllodidae: Pterodectinae) are reported from parrotbills (Passeriformes: Paradoxornithidae) in China. We describe Proterothrix paradoxornis n. sp. from Paradoxornis webbianus (type host) and Par. alphonsianus, P. longicaula n. sp. from Par. gularis, and P. sarahbushae n. sp. from Par. verreauxi (type host) and Par. alphonsianus. These are the first records of mites of the Pterodectinae from the Paradoxornithidae. Within Proterothrix, the new species constitutes a distinct complex, characterized by the presence of a long, whip-like aedeagus and spindle-shaped setae e on tarsi I in males.

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