Five assemblages of Giardia duodenalis were identified from cysts in cattle, dog, cat, sheep, and reindeer feces using ribosomal DNA (rDNA) sequencing. Assemblage A was present in cattle and reindeer feces, Assemblages C and D were present in dog feces, Assemblage E was present in cattle and sheep feces, and Assemblage F was present in cat feces. Giardia virus, originally referred to as Giardia lamblia virus (GLV), is a double-stranded RNA virus. Primers designed for the GLV capsid protein gene identified GLV sequences in G. lamblia from a reindeer (Assemblage A) and from a dog (Assemblage C). Two distinct GLV sequences were identified in the dog specimen and 1 sequence was identified in the reindeer specimen. None of these GLV sequences was identical with previously published GLV sequences. It appears that GLVs are genetically diverse and that more than 1 virion can be present in a single sample. Because many of the specimens that contained cysts were found to be negative for GLV, it appears that this test for capsid protein is of limited value for the purposes of detecting G. lamblia.

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