Khawia saurogobii n. sp. is described from the intestine of the cyprinid fishes Saurogobio dabryi and Saurogobio dumerili in China. The new species belongs to the Lytocestidae and is placed in Khawia because of its afossate scolex, vitelline follicles in the cortical parenchyma, uterus not looping anterior to the cirrus sac, gonopores separate but close together in distinct genital atrium, external seminal vesicle absent, and postovarian follicles present. The new species differs from other congeneric species by the shape of the body markedly tapering posteriorly from the end of the anterior third, the shape of the scolex that is very short and markedly wider than the neck, spatulate without incisions, but shallow superficial grooves, vitelline follicles and testes starting immediately posterior to the scolex, and an ovary with long, posterior arms bent medially, thus giving the shape of an inverted A.

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