Two anglerfish species, Lophius piscatorius and Lophius budegassa, caught off the north and northwest coast of Spain in 2007, were examined for parasite infections. Four parasite taxa were chosen for study, i.e., Anisakis larvae Type I (sensu Berland, 1961), Hysterothylacium rigidum (Nematoda), Spraguea lophii (Microsporidia), and Chondracanthus lophii (Copepoda). Prevalence, intensity, and abundance were determined and related to host size and sex. The abundance of Anisakis larvae Type I significantly increased with size in both anglerfish species, and C. lophii was also more abundant in larger L. piscatorius specimens. The abundance of H. rigidum and the prevalence of S. lophii were unrelated to host size. The infestation with the parasites studied was not affected by host sex.

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