Myxobolus burti n. sp. is described from striated muscle of Notropis hudsonius (Cyprinidae) collected from localities in Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake St. Claire, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and the St. Lawrence River. Myxobolus burti is intracellular, forming thin-walled, cigar-shaped plasmodia within striated muscle cells of the body. It exhibits disporoblastic, oval spores, approximately 10 µm long, 8 µm wide, and 6 µm thick, with a length-to-width ratio of 1.3∶1. They resemble most closely those of Myxobolus bellus Kudo, 1934, and Myxobolus mutabilis Kudo, 1934, but have polar capsules unequal in length (5.3 vs. 4.7 µm) and oblique filament coils. The new parasite was not encountered in routine examination of other small-bodied fishes at collection locations and thus looks to be specific to N. hudsonius. A comparative plate of similar species encountered during surveys of these fishes in the northeast is presented to contrast the uniqueness of the new species.

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