Sera from 77 cattle and 61 pigs from herds of Campos dos Goytacazes and neighborhood, north of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, were analyzed for the presence of antibodies anti–Toxoplasma gondii via ELISA. The seropositivity was confirmed at 49.4% (38 of 77) for cattle and at 11.5% (7 of 61) for pigs. Pigs bred under free-ranging systems presented with 20.6% (7 of 34) seropositivity and no pigs bred under indoor systems were positive (n  =  27). The seropositivity verified for cattle and pigs confirmed the extensive distribution of the parasite in this region. In the face of these data, we discuss the potential risk for human infection by consumption of raw or undercooked meat in this geographic region of Brazil. This is the first report of seropositivity for anti–T. gondii antibodies in cattle in the north of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil.

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