In the present study, Echinoccocus granulosus isolates collected from camels (Camelus dromedarius) in eastern Iran were characterized based on the nucleotide sequences of mitochondrial CO1 and NDI genes. The molecular results for camel isolates demonstrated that at least 2 different genotypes are present, i.e., a buffalo genotype (G3) and the camel genotype (G6). Although the sequences of the Iranian camel genotype (G6) are completely homologous to the reference sequence of G6 (M84666) of E. granulosus, a nucleotide mutation (C to T at position 168) was detected in the CO1 sequences of the Iranian G3 isolates (HM626405) when compared with the reference G3 genotype (M84663). The findings of the present study represent the demonstration of the buffalo strain in camels. As previously reported, humans can be infected by this genotype; accordingly, the epidemiological importance of this genotype in the camel population should be considered in further studies.

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