A new species of Spauligodon, Spauligodon latasticola n. sp., from the intestines of Latastia longicaudata (Lacertidae) from Kenya is described and illustrated. Spauligodon latasticola represents the 47th species assigned to the genus and the 8th species from the Ethiopian region. The new species differs from all but 2 other species assigned to Spauligodon by the presence of a conically tapering tail in the female. The new species is separated from the 2 similar species, Spauligodon garciaprietoi and Spauligodon goldbergi, by the position of the vulva, which is anterior to the esophageal bulb in the new species, at the level of the esophageal bulb in S. goldbergi, and posterior to the esophageal bulb in S. garciaprietoi.

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