During November 2009 and March 2010, 20 adult eastern pipistrelles, Perimyotis ( = Pipistrellus) subflavus, were collected from Polk County, Arkansas, and their feces were examined for coccidian parasites. Two (10%) of the bats were found to be passing oocysts of an undescribed species of Eimeria. Oocysts of Eimeria heidti n. sp. were ovoidal to ellipsoidal, 26.1 × 20.5 µm (23–31 × 18–23 µm), with a bilayered wall, externally rough, internally smooth, and with a shape index of 1.3. Micropyle and oocyst residuum were absent, but a subspherical polar granule was often present. Sporocysts were ovoidal, 13.0 × 8.8 µm (11–15 × 7–13 µm), the shape index was 1.6, a Stieda body was present and sub-Stieda and para-Stieda bodies were absent. A sporocyst residuum consisting of multiple globules dispersed along the perimeter of the sporocyst and between the sporozoites were present, sporozoites were elongate, with a subspherical anterior refractile body and elongate posterior refractile body; a nucleus not discernible. This is the second coccidian reported from this host and the fourth instance of a coccidian species reported from an Arkansas bat.

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