President Janine Caira called the meeting to order at 0800 hr and noted that a quorum was present. Council members and other attendees introduced themselves, and President Caira made a few opening remarks and reviewed motion protocol. She then called for a motion to accept the published minutes of the 2010 meeting.

Motion 1: Acceptance of the minutes of the 100th Council Meeting, 2010.

The motion was made by Mark Siddall, seconded by Sam Loker, and passed unanimously. Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Minchella agreed to send the 2011 Council meeting minutes to the Council within 2 wk of the meeting for review. President Caira then called for a motion to approve new members added since the last meeting.

Motion 2: Approval of new members added since June 2010.

The motion was made by Mike Barger, seconded by Mark Siddall, and passed unanimously.

President Caira recognized the new...

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