Spauligodon bonairensis n. sp. from the large intestines of the Antilles gecko, Gonatodes antillensis (Lacertidae), from Bonaire, Lesser Antilles, is described and illustrated. The new species is the 48th assigned to the genus and the 10th from the Neotropical region. Spauligodon bonairensis n. sp. is most similar to S. giganticus, S. hemidactylus, S. lamonthei, and S. oxkutzcabiensis in that only these 5 species possess lanceolate eggs. For males of these species, only S. lamothei possess a spicule, and only S. oxktzcabiensis has an aspinose tail. The egg of S. hemidactylus has 2 knobs; in S. giganticus, the more rounded end supports the single knob. In S. bonairensis n. sp., the more pointed end supports the single knob.

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