A new species of Oncomegas Dollfus, 1929 is described from the cowtail stingray, Pastinachus atrus (Macleay), collected in the Makassar Strait, Indonesian Borneo. Oncomegas trimegacanthus n. sp. possesses 2 oval bothria, gland cells within the bulbs, prebulbar organs, a distinctive basal armature with a single macrohook on the bothrial surface of the asymmetrical basal swelling, and a heteroacanthous, heteromorphous metabasal armature with 10 hooks per principle row. It differs from congeners by its possession of additional enlarged hooks at the base of the tentacle. Because of apparent morphological similarities, we suppress the genus Oncomegoides Beveridge & Campbell, 2005 with Oncomegas, and place the type and only species, Oncomegoides celatus Beveridge & Campbell, 2005, within Oncomegas as Oncomegas celatus n. comb. Three species of Oncomegas, namely, Oncomegas paulinae Toth, Campbell & Schmidt, 1992, Oncomegas australiensis Toth, Campbell & Schmidt, 1992, and Oncomegas aetobatidis Campbell & Beveridge, 2009, differ from other species, possessing testes posterior to the ovary and a metabasal armature consisting of tiny, relatively homeomorphous hooks, with more than 14 hooks per principle row. Based on these morphological differences, a new genus, Hispidorhynchus n. gen., is erected, with Hispidorhynchus australiensis n. comb. as the type species.

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