Laelapine mites are common parasites of sigmodontine rodents in the Neotropics. However, few species are reported from Peru as a result of the low number of mammal surveys that include ectoparasite collections. Herein we report 12 species of mites from northern Peru. From these, 8 are reported for the first time for the country, and 1 is new to science, Androlaepaps aerosus sp. nov., the latter associated exclusively with the sigmodontine Akodon aerosus. Most of the laelapine species were host specific. The new species, included in the Androlaelaps rotundus species group, resembles An. rotundus “sensu stricto” and An. ulysespardinasi in general appearance but is unique in the length of the hypostomal seta h3 (>58 μm), which is 3 times as long as the gnathosomal seta, and its tip reaching or over-reaching the gnathosomal setal bases; dorsal seta j2 is very long (>70 μm), almost reaching the point of j3.

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