A new species of Spirura is described from the stomach of Heliosciurus gambianus and Xerus erythropus (Sciuridae). Considering the number of preanal papillae of males, Babero (1973) and Giannetto and Canestri Trotti (1995) proposed the subdivision of the genus into 2 groups; those with 4 pairs of preanal papillae (25 species) and with more than 4 pairs of preanal papillae (4 species). Spirura mounporti n. sp. belongs to the second, with 5 pairs of preanal papillae, and differs from Spirura infundibuliformis (McLeod, 1933) Anderson et al., 1993, Spirura zapi (Erickson, 1938) Chabaud et al., 1965, Spirura leiperi Gupta and Trivedi, 1985, and Spirura michiganensis Sandground, 1935 in the number of pairs of pre-cloacal papillae. The new species further differs from other species of the genus in having 21 caudal papillae, in the ratio of spicules:body length, and in its morpho-anatomical characters.

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