Abbreviata antarctica

physalopterid nematode from arthropod intermediate hosts 708

Acanthocephaloides plagiusae n. sp

 in fish from Mexico 876

Acanthogyrus (Acanthosentis) barmeshoori n. sp.

 described from the Persian tooth-carp 257

Acanthoparyphium sp. in the American oyster 1129

Amblyomma multipunctum from Ecuador 973

Amblyomma naponense from Ecuador 973

Androlaelaps spp.

 mites of sigmodontine rodents in Peru 189

Angiostrongylus felineus n. sp.

 from the pulmonary arteries of a puma in Brazil 327

Anisakid nematodes of Greenland halibut 650

Apicomplexan parasites of the snake

 multiple lineages and host diet 883

Aplectana hamatospicula

nematode from large intestine of anurans 417

Aspidodera kinsellai n. sp.

 from armadillos in Middle America- host parasite biogeography 1056

Austrodiplostomum compactum

in planorbid intermediate hosts in Brazil 729

Avian malaria

 spatial patterns of prevalence in the Andes 903

Babesia canis

 seroprevalence in dogs in Romania 161

Babesia sp. NV-1

 molecular and phylogenetic analyses 350

Babesia spp.

 molecular detection in sheep...

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