A new tick species belonging to the African subgenus Afrixodes Morel, 1966 of the genus Ixodes Latreille, 1795, namely, Ixodes (Afrixodes) microgalei n. sp., is described. Females of this species are most similar to those of Ixodes colasbelcouri Arthur, 1957 and Ixodes nesomys Uilenberg & Hoogstraal, 1969. The female of the new species can easily be differentiated from I. colasbelcouri by a short spur on coxae IV, and from I. nesomys by longer spurs on coxae I and large punctations on its scutum. Ixodes microgalei is known only from the eastern humid forest of Madagascar, specifically in the Province of Antananarivo, where its females have been collected from several species of shrew tenrecs (Afrosoricida, Tenrecidae), namely, Microgale dobsoni Thomas, Microgale parvula Grandidier, and Microgale soricoides Jenkins.

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