Single tablet regimens (STRs) have simplified antiretroviral therapy (ART) over the years in the adult human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) population. However, there is still a prevalent need to simplify regimens in children and adolescents living with HIV. Finding the optimal regimen requires a multi-factorial approach due to their complex pharmacokinetic profiles throughout childhood and the challenges and limitations of medication non-adherence in the pediatric population. These challenges include pill size, available formulations, palatability, and caregiver health literacy, which can all affect the proper administration of medications. The complexity of this population implies the importance of customizing everyone's antiretroviral regimen so that the patient and family can successfully adhere to the therapy. The current recommendations for ART in the adult and pediatric populations are similar, yet the use of STRs are limited. The goal of this review was to assess current data on available STRs and determine their utility as ART in the pediatric population.

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