As we begin our 29th volume, The Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics, or JPPT, will continue to serve as the primary forum advocating for optimal pharmacotherapeutics in all segments of pediatric health care—care addressing illness in the premature infant through adolescence. JPPT will remain the source for authoritative, comprehensive topic reviews, timely original research communications, brief (practice) reports, and a place for informative, abbreviated research reports and clinical vignettes. The Journal will continue to publish high-quality, informative, impactful manuscripts that move our knowledge base forward in the treatment of sick infants and children. In support of these ideals, JPPT will remain a no-fee, fully open-access publication. Recognizing the many challenges confronting open-access publications and to support JPPT, the Journal welcomes voluntary article processing payments, in any amount, if author’s institutions and/or their granting agency has funds available for publication. The availability of such volunteer payments will of course, have no impact on peer review or publication decisions but will aid in supporting the continued open-access stability of the Journal in this highly volatile, competitive publication landscape.

Volume 29 ushers in several new initiatives for the Journal and our readership. I am pleased to announce that we now have a full complement of highly talented specialty/subspeciality expert editors. The individuals and their respective editorial roles can be viewed on our masthead contained in the “Table of Contents” PDF link that appears at the bottom of each issue page. Our newest section editor, Caitlyn Bradford, will focus her talents on expanding JPPT’s social media presence, enhancing the timely global visibility of JPPT publications. The Journal’s editors are committed to rapid expert peer review and prompt editorial decisions furthering rapid publication. We will continue to implement processing procedures to minimize the time from submission to publication. One means of accomplishing this goal starting with volume 29 is the availability of optional online-first publication. Authors of accepted manuscripts will have the option of having their manuscript, with an assigned DOI number, published as an online first publication, prior to publication in an upcoming issue, for a nominal fee that covers the associated costs. In addition, we are beginning a live “Meet the Author” webinar series where readers will have the opportunity to hear from, chat with, and have their questions answered, in real time, by an author of a manuscript recently published in JPPT. More information about this new initiative and a timetable will be posted on our Web site.

Starting with volume 29, JPPT will be published 6 times per year. Journal issues will be published the second week of the second month. This change will have no impact on time to publication and we will continue to publish the same number of, if not more, manuscripts per year than in previous volumes. Our manuscript categories, for example, Education/Review, Research, etc, will remain unchanged. However, we are beginning the regular publication of peer-reviewed commentaries by recognized experts who offer their insight, interpretation, and forward-thinking opinions of contemporary issues impacting pediatric practice. Although the initiation of this new series has involved invited commentaries, the Journal welcomes submissions of unsolicited evidence-based commentaries where experts comment on topics important to pediatric pharmacotherapeutics. Those interested in contributing a commentary should consult with the JPPT editor-in-chief prior to submission to ensure the topic is appropriate for the Journal and not duplicative of current efforts. Further, all authors submitting manuscripts for JPPT consideration are requested to carefully review and adhere to our updated Instructions to Authors. Submitting a manuscript for consideration that adheres to these author guidelines will minimize the time to editorial decision and publication.

It is a privilege for me to serve as your editor-in-chief. However, I could not do what I do without the unwavering support and commitment of my editorial “dream team.” These 6 individuals are staunchly committed to everything addressed in this editorial, and they remain focused on the coordinated, methodical growth of our forward-thinking Journal. They are also a joy to work with. In addition, I want to acknowledge the efforts of our International Editorial Board members, the Pediatric Pharmacy Association (PPA) Board of Directors, who remain fully committed to ensuring the stability and maintenance of our open-access publication, and to our expert peer-reviewers, who dedicate their time in shaping the Journal’s trajectory. The collective efforts of all these individuals and the PPA are reflected in the health and excellence of our publication and in refining our continually evolving forward vision for The Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics, JPPT, in the many years ahead.


Disclosures. The author is the editor-in-chief of The Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics. The author declares no conflicts or financial interest in any product or service mentioned in this editorial, including grants, equipment, employment, gifts, and honoraria.

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