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Submitting a figure or image

Illustrations: Send illustrations electronically in digital format, EPS or TIFF files; Resolution:1200 for black and white images, 600 dpi grayscale mode for image blots, and 300 dpi CMYK mode for color images. A figure should be no larger than 16 cm in height at the appropriate resolution. Figure legends should be typed double-spaced on a separate sheet and should be numbered consecutively in the text. The authors will assume the full cost (USD $350) for color illustrations.

Preparing a Table

Please see the following documents to format your tables:

Table Format (from JAMA)

Symbols in a Table

Accepted Abbreviations

Abbreviations and units: A phrase is spelled out when used for the first time, followed by an appropriate abbreviation. Terms must be spelled out in figure legends and footnotes of tables. If the article contains non-standard abbreviations, a separate list with explanations must be provided. Conventional units are preferred. International System of Units (SI) units given in parentheses or conversion factors may be included in the text/legends.

Drug Names: Generic names should be used. However, when brands are used, the brand name and manufacturer name should be noted in parentheses.

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