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Current Issue
Volume 60,
Issue 3
July 2024

Debra Bourne

ISSN: 0090-3558
eISSN: 1943-3700

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About the Journal

The JWD is a primary tool used by the WDA in accomplishing its mission, to “promote healthy wildlife and ecosystems, biodiversity conservation, and environmentally sustainable solutions to One Health Challenges."

Photo credit: Pat Page. Bubo virginianus (great horned owl)

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WDA now allows authors to have their papers available via open access. See information here.


Features & Information

Congratulations to WDA’s 2024 BioOne Ambassadors

Dr Sarah Wright - Discover more about Sarah’s research and watch her winning video

Congratulations to 2024's WDA/IAAAM winner

Each year the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA) and the International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine (IAAAM) jointly provide an award for the best student-authored aquatic animal paper in the previous year’s Journal of Wildlife Diseases (JWD).

The newest recipient of this accolade is Molly Horgan, for her paper Development And Validation Of A Novel Duplex Probe–Hybridization Quantitative PCR For Lymphoma-Associated Miroungine Gammaherpesvirus 3 In Northern Elephant Seals (Mirounga Angustirostris) which appeared in the January 2023 issue, 59(1).

Molly is currently a third year zoological medicine resident at the University of Florida/White Oak Conservation, pursuing a career in wildlife medicine, and is interested in studying diseases of free-ranging and rehabilitated wildlife.

Featured Articles

From 57(4)

Frederick A. Leighton, Patrick A. Leighton, Sarah Wood, Thijs Kuiken
Journal: Journal of Wildlife Diseases
J Wildl Dis (2021) 57 (4): 773–783.

Persecution of Birds of Prey in Flanders: A Retrospective Study 2011–19
An Garmyn, Lieze Rouffaer, Tom Roggeman, Marc Verlinden, Katleen Hermans, Marleen Cools, Mark Van den Meersschaut, Siska Croubels, An Martel
J Wildl Dis (2021) 57 (4): 922–926.

Patricia Sposato, Patricia Keating, Peter L. Lutz, Sarah L. Milton
Journal: Journal of Wildlife Diseases
J Wildl Dis (2021) 57 (4): 761–772.

Thank you to all who made the
Endowment of the Journal of Wildlife Diseases and its worldwide distribution possible.

The $3 million goal of the Dave Jessup, JWD Endowment Fund has been met. This milestone was reached with assistance from a strong US stock market and the right investments, but none of that would have mattered without the generous donations from our members and some non-members who embraced our mission “to acquire, disseminate and apply knowledge of the health and diseases of wild animals…” and made this goal a reality.

The WDA thanks those individuals, businesses, and organizations for their cumulative gifts totaling:

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American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians, E.M. Addison, I. Barker, R. Botzler, R. Clark, T.J. DeLiberto, B. Elkin, A. Fairbrother, D. Jessup, W.B. Karesh, L. Locke, J. Mills, C. Pinney, S. Raverty, E.K. Saito, H. Schwantje, C. Wyckoff

$500 – $999
L. Creekmore, T. deMaar, C.S. Deperno, H. Ernest, T.G. Ksiazek, F.A. Leighton, L. Lowenstine, K. Mehren, S. Ostrowski, J. Powers, M.J. Pybus, Ranjbar Orthodontics, B. Raphael, K. Rose, C. Rupprecht, D. Schultz, P. Wolff, T. Work, T. Yuill, B. Zimmerman

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E. Agren, A. Aguirre, M. Anderson, N.E. Anderson, C.T. Atkinson, L. Baeten, P. Barrows, S. Bender, R.A. Bloch, T. Bollinger, D. Bourne, D. Buckle, M.K. Campbell, S. Carver, K. Castle, M. Cattet, D.G. Constantine, T. Cornish, T. Creekmore, J. Ducrocq, B. Ellis, P. Gaffney, D. Gavier-Widen, J.K. Gaydos, J. Gillespie, C. Gillin, D. Goeldner, B. Gonzales, T. Grillo, C. Harms, C. Harris, S.M. Hernandez, C. Hilton, T.M. Hull, K. Burek Huntington, H. Hydeskov, S.W. Jack, C. Jardine, A. Justice-Allen, K. Keel, R. Kock, T. Kuiken, J. Langenberg, D. Ley, K. Mansfield, I. Marco, J. Mazet, D. McAloose, D. Miller, E. Miller, M. Miller, M. Miller, P. Nol, D. Okeson, A. Peters, T. Portas, M. Poss, K. Prager, A. Reiss, C. Rennie III, T.E. Rocke, J.J. Root, S. Schafer, A. Shima, V. Simpson, M. Souza, D. Spratt, M. Stoskopf, E. Thompson, F. Tseng, M. Uhart, L. Uhazy, C. Van Riper III, Veterinary Information Network Inc., R. Wack, P. Whiteley, M. Wild, Wildlife Health International, B. Wolfe, S. Wright, M. Ziccardi

Up to $99
A. Atkins, M. Alley, K. Bagamian, A. Ballman, T. Barnes, V. Beasley, P. Belinsky, T. Bellamy, L. Berger, T. Besser, S. Bjorck, A.M. Bjornstad, P. Boujon, C. Boyce, P. Bright, B. Bron, J. Bryan, J. Burco, T. Burgess, R.B. Burns III, K. Cameron, J. Catao-Dias, M. Conner, A. Chamings, E. Cook, M. Coombe, J. Connolly, R. Cummings, P. Curry, F.J. Dein, M. Dew, R.O. Dittmar II, D.S. Dombrowski, E. Dubovi, P. Eden, L. Englund, A. Evans, D. Fauquier, P. Ferro, M.J. Forzan, J. Foster, K. Gailbreath, R. Gerhold, K. Gold, C. Gortazar, D.E. Green, H. Haefele, B. Hartup, S. Hemsley, C.G. Himsworth, J. Hufschmid, E. Hughes, M. Jensen, M. Kadohira, W. Kistler, L. Klein, M. Kock, N. Lamberski, B. Lawson, D. Leandro, A. Legione, L. Lewis, A.B. Lichtenwainer, R. Maclean, N. Marreros, R. McManamon, D. McRuer, J. Mencher, E. Merrill, C.U. Meteyer, S. Michael, C. Miller, K. Miller, J. Mortenson, M. Navarrete-Talloni, A. Neimanis, K. Niedringhaus, J. Niemuth, D. Nichols, P. Nol, P. Oesterle, J. Okoniewski, A. Peel, M. Petretto, S. Pfitzer, A. Phillips, B. Pollock, T. Ramey, D. Reavill, E. Restis, J. Rijks, A. Robbins, S. Robinson, M-P. Ryser, C. Sangster, D. Schock, V.I. Shearn-Bochsler, L. Shender, C. Shilton, A. Shostak, S. Shriner, R.R. Sim, S. Sirica, K. Sladky, C. Soos, M. Sriram, N. Stacy, D. Stanek, C. Staubach, M. Straub, T. Stephens, T. Stephenson, T. Taylor, T. Heimer, D. Tompkins, B. Trindle, P. Tuomi, K. Uetsuka, P. van Tulden, L. Van Wormer, M. Verant, R. Verin, A. C. Vos, J. Ward, M. Wehtje, A. Wetterau, E. Wheeler, D. Whiteside, C. Whittier, G. Wibbelt, B. Wood, N. Yang, K. Yoneda

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