Testis asymmetry, in which the testes in an individual differ in size, has recently been reported in koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) in the Mount Lofty Ranges population of South Australia. We describe the morphology and histology of both testes from affected individuals in this population (n=56) and the parameters of koalas with normal-sized testes based on age and breeding season (n=56). Morphologic measurements included testis weight, length, width, and volume; histologic parameters included seminiferous tubule diameter, seminiferous epithelial height, and seminiferous tubule (interstitial tissue ratio and presence or absence of spermatozoa). Of the 56 koalas with intraindividual variation in testes size, 47 were classified as asymmetric and nine as microtestes. For koalas with asymmetric testes, all morphologic parameters were significantly decreased in the smaller testes compared with normal-sized testes, but for the histologic parameters, only seminiferous tubule diameter was significantly less. Histopathologic examination of the asymmetric testes showed 38 with normal parenchyma histologically indistinguishable between intraindividual testes, four with degeneration and atrophy, and three with hypoplasia, whereas examination of microtestes showed degeneration and atrophy in seven, hypoplasia in one, and aplasia in one. No association of testis size difference with Chlamydia pecorum infection was found in a subset of animals. For the 56 koalas with normal-sized testes, morphologic parameters were found to increase with age, and juvenile and young adults were found to have smaller seminiferous tubule diameters than adults. No differences were found between testes of koalas in the breeding and nonbreeding season. Overall, these findings indicate that testis asymmetry in koalas from the Mount Lofty Ranges population is common but not associated with decreased function, except where testis malformations such as hypoplasia or aplasia occur or when parenchyma has been disrupted by acquired disease.

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