Animals colonizing novel environments can encounter novel hazards. Endangered San Joaquin kit foxes (Vulpes macrotis mutica) are found in the cities of Bakersfield and Taft in central California, USA. We documented 66 incidents of kit foxes becoming entangled in sports netting (e.g., soccer nets, batting-cage nets) occurring from the 1980s through 2022. Overall, 25 of the foxes died. Adults were more likely to get entangled in soccer nets, whereas pups (<1 yr) were more likely to get entangled in batting-cage nets. Pups are more likely to die while entangled, probably due to smaller body mass and lower energy reserves. The reasons that kit foxes get entangled in netting were unclear, although incidents involving batting-cage netting and pups may be due to natal dens being located under or near batting cages. At current rates, this hazard is unlikely to limit urban kit fox populations. However, losses of this endangered species should be minimized and the incidents are easily mitigated by dropping or lifting nets when not in use.

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