At a visit to an unfenced desert conservation reserve in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in February 2022, severe skin disease was noted among resident Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx), manifesting as dark grayish to black bark-like thickened skin. Between and 45% and 60% of the oryx showed unrest and pruritus. Sarcoptes scabiei was detected at necropsy of six adult animals. Treatment with ivermectin medicated pellets at 0.3 mg/kg estimated body weight over two periods of 7 d with a 14-d interval between treatments resulted in improved body and skin condition and hair regrowth. Although severe hyperkeratosis was still present shortly after treatment, no live Sarcoptes mites were found in parasitological examination of skin scrapings of two necropsied animals. By 4 mo post treatment the oryx had returned to normal body condition and coat condition.

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