Diagnostic findings on 51 red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) from the southeastern United States examined from 1967 to 1995 were reviewed. Etiologic diagnoses included sarcoptic mange (n = 33), traumatic injury and associated complications (n = 5), suspected canine distemper (n = 2), capture myopathy (n = 1), congenital absence of guard hairs (n = 1), intradermal tick infestation (n = 1), otodectic mange (n = 1), and toxicosis (n = 1). The cause of morbidity was not determined for three of the foxes, and three others were classified as normal animals. Sarcoptic mange was diagnosed in 65% of the red foxes, was found in foxes submitted from four of the eight southeastern states represented, and was seen in 19 of 29 yr covered by this study.

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