Members of the genus Basidiobolus, a saprophytic fungus, have been associated with the digestive tracts of a wide variety of amphibians and reptiles. To elucidate the relationship of Basidiobolus sp. with amphibians in central Florida (USA), we document the occurrence of the fungus in the digestive tracts of Bufo terrestris, Buffo quercicus, Hyla femoralis, Hyla cinerea, Hyla gratiosa, Hyla squirella, Osteopilus septentrionalis, and Rana utricularia. Species that occupy terrestrial habitats (B. terrestris, B. quercicus, and R. utricularis) were found to harbor Basidiobolus spp. more frequently (83, 78, and 91%, respectively) than those that occupied a more arboreal habitat (H. cinerea, H. squirella, H. femoralis, H. gratiosa, and O. septentrionalis (50, 56, 55, 56, and 70%, respectively).

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