Tissue cysts of the protozoan genus Sarcocystis were detected in the skeletal muscles of 16 (40%) of 40 wild rodents captured in North Sulawesi and West Java, Indonesia. Two types of cysts were found to differ in their morphological characteristics. Macroscopic and microscopic cysts bounded by thick radially-striated cyst walls were detected at both locations in a total of 13 rodents belonging to seven different species (Bunomys chrysocomus, B. fratrorum, Maxomys bartelsii, M. musschenbroekii, Paruromys dominator, Rattus xanthurus and R. exulans). The primary cyst walls contained numerous broad spatula-like protrusions and the cysts were identified as S. singaporensis Zaman and Colley, 1976. In contrast, microscopic cysts bounded by thin smooth cyst walls were detected in seven rodents belonging to three different species captured at Toraut in North Sulawesi (B. chrysocomus, B. fratrorum and P. dominator). Ultrastructural examination revealed numerous slender hair-like protrusions of their primary cyst walls. It is proposed that these cysts be named S. sulawesiensis sp. n. on the basis of their unique morphological characteristics, their intermediate host range and their limited geographic distribution. Mixed infections by both species were found in three rodent species (B. chrysocomus, B. fratrorum and P. dominator).

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