Sarcocystis sp. (Eimeriina: Sarcocystidae) is described as a heteroxenous coccidian with domestic dogs as an experimental definitive host and wild sheep (Ovis musimon) as natural intermediate hosts. Mature sarcocysts of this Sarcocystis sp. were examined by transmission electron microscopy. Sarcocysts in various muscle tissues were microscopic, had a thin primary cyst wall and septa and measured 81.0 × 30.5 μm. The cysts were located within muscle cells and were limited by a primary cyst wall (PCW). The cyst surface was highly folded forming densely packed projections. Between the PCW projections the surface of the cyst was marked with pit-like invaginations. The ground substance of the cyst formed a layer at the periphery of the cyst, filled the projections and formed septa which divided the cyst into compartments. Sarcocysts contained numerous bradyzoites that were 15.2 × 3 μm and few metrocytes 11.5 × 3.5 μm. Twelve days after ingesting Sarcocystis sp.-infected wild sheep meat, four dogs began passing sporocysts in their feces: two domestic cats did not pass oocysts or sporocysts after ingesting meat from the same animals. Sporocysts measured 14.8 × 9.9 μm.

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