To improve capture efficacy of rock doves (Columba livia) in nuisance situations, we reevaluated the effectiveness of three dosages (60, 120 and 180 mg/kg) of alpha-chloralose (AC). Responses to immobilization using 180 mg/kg AC also were compared in rock doves deprived of food for 16 hr and not food deprived. Mean (±SE) time to first effects (33 ± 2 min) and mean time to capture (94 ± 5 min) were significantly less for rock doves receiving 180 mg/kg than for rock doves receiving lower dosages (≥53 ± 3 min and ≥153 ± 17 min, respectively). Ten, 10, and eight rock doves immobilized with 60, 120, and 180 mg/kg AC recovered within 24 hr, respectively; all rock doves recovered within 29 hr. Although food-deprived rock doves showed effects of AC immobilization earlier than did rock doves with food, time to capture was similar between these two groups. For capturing rock doves, we recommend treating corn with 3 mg AC/kernel and using 180 mg/kg as the effective dose. This modified formulation and dosage should improve capture success of rock doves substantially and improve the ability to resolve nuisance rock dove problems.

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