Fecal samples were collected from white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus, in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. Four species of Eimeria which have not been reported previously from white-tailed deer were found. Two new species, E. virginianus and E. madisonensis are described, while E. mccordocki and E. odociolei are compared with their original descriptions from mule deer, Odocoileus hemionus. Oocysts of E. virginianus are elongate ovoid to ellipsoidal with micropyle. They have a rough outer wall and measure 42.3 to 55.0 by 26.2 to 42.0μ, mean 49.2 by 32.6. Oocysts of E. madisonensis are nearly round with a smooth outer wall and measure 14.0 to 19.1 by 12.8 to 16.3μ, means 16.1 by 15.5. Eimeria mccordocki and E. odocoilei were found in deer from all three states, E. virginianus, in deer from Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and E. madisonensis, only from Wisconsin deer.

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Published as Veterinary Science Paper Number 609 with approval of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Division.


Present address: Department of Zoology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.