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About the Journal of Wildlife Diseases

The Journal of Wildlife Diseases (JWD) is published quarterly by the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA). The WDA is an international organization of scientists, academicians, wildlife and fisheries specialists, and others whose mission is to acquire, disseminate, and apply knowledge of the health and diseases of wild animals in relation to their biology, conservation, and interactions with humans and domestic animals. For a listing of the JWD Editor, Assistant Editors, and Editorial Board click here.

The JWD publishes reports of wildlife disease investigations, research papers, brief research notes, case and epizootic reports, review articles, and book reviews. The JWD publishes the results of original research and observations dealing with all aspects of infectious, parasitic, toxic, nutritional, physiologic, developmental and neoplastic diseases, environmental contamination, and other factors impinging on the health and survival of free-living or occasionally captive populations of wild animals, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Papers on zoonoses involving wildlife and on chemical immobilization of wild animals are also published. Manuscripts dealing with surveys and case reports may be published in the Journal provided that they contain significant new information or have significance for better understanding health and disease in wild populations. Authors are encouraged to address the wildlife management implications of their studies, where appropriate.

Manuscripts should be submitted with the understanding that the information and ideas are original (with the exception of reviews), have not been published previously, and are not being considered for publication elsewhere. Authors also affirm that, to the best of their knowledge, they have complied with all applicable treaties, laws, and regulations in the collection, maintenance, and disposal of animals used in their study. Authors of manuscripts that are not in the public domain must transfer full copyright interests to the WDA. Forms for this transfer are provided when proofs are sent to authors. In addition to regular articles the Journal also publishes critical reviews (usually solicited by the Editor), perspectives, monographs, symposia, book reviews, and letters.

All manuscripts are to be submitted through the PeerTrack manuscript management system (also referred to as Editorial Manager). See the Wildlife Disease Association's JWD homepage for more information. Please use the most recent Instructions for Authors and Reviewers to obtain information on manuscript submission, as well as Journal editorial and ethical policies.

The Journal of Wildlife Diseases (ISSN 0090-3558) is published quarterly by the Wildlife Disease Association, Inc., Business Office, P.O. Box 7065, Lawrence, Kansas 66044-7065, USA. 1-800-627-0326, ext. 403, Institutional subscriptions are variable; please consult the business office. A year’s subscription is included in the annual dues. See our membership options.

Single copies of the materials in JWD may be reproduced for the noncommercial purpose of educational and scientific advancement without the need to seek specific permission from the Editor or WDA representative. Back issues can be purchased from the business office.

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