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Author Fee Table

Manuscript Fee*

(in good standing)


500-word Letter



1000-word Letter



Short Communication



Full Length Manuscript (includes Reviews
and Regular Articles)



Color Plates***

$765 for one image

$1,145 for 2-10 images

$765 for one image

$1,145 for 2-10 images

Open Access upon posting online



* Authors are charged a flat fee according to manuscript category. See Instructions to Authors for descriptions of categories. Authors may be charged additional fees for significant revisions in proofs.

** The reduced fees for members of the Wildlife Disease Association are available only if the member is the first author or the corresponding author.

*** Authors may designate that one or more images appear in black and white in the hard-copy Journal and color in the online version. Online-only images will be billed at $100 per image. Compound images (e.g., Fig. 1a and b) count as a single image. Please know that 10 or more color images could result in a higher fee. Cost will be determined by the Editor in Chief and printer and then communicated with the author before publication.

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