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Research Article February 22 2024
Effects of Pregnancy Prevention on Brucella abortus Shedding in Bison (Bison bison)
letter February 22 2024
Host Taxonomy Is Critical in Zoonotic Disease Surveillance and Reporting
Research Article February 21 2024
A Global Perspective on Oral Vaccination of Wildlife against Rabies
Book Review February 20 2024
Wildlife Ethics: The Ethics of Wildlife Management and Conservation
Research Article February 19 2024
Effects of the Immunocontraceptive Gonacon on Pregnancy in Brucella-Seropositive Bison (Bison bison)
Research Article February 12 2024
Serologic Survey of Selected Arthropod-Borne Pathogens in Free-Ranging Snowshoe Hares (Lepus americanus) Captured in Northern Michigan, USA
Research Article February 12 2024
A Global Systematic Review of Lead (Pb) Exposure and Its Health Effects in Wild Mammals
Brief Report February 12 2024
Toxoplasma gondii Survey in Waterfowl and Gulls from Eight US States
Research Article February 12 2024
Metagenomics for Pathogen Detection During a Mass Mortality Event in Songbirds
Research Article February 12 2024
Hematology and Serum Biochemistry of Coastal Seabirds Rehabilitated on the Southeastern and Southern Coast of Brazil
Research Article February 9 2024
Research Article February 8 2024
Validation of a Field-Portable, Handheld Real-Time PCR System for Detecting Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the Causative Agent of White-Nose Syndrome in Bats
Research Article February 8 2024
Pathology of Chronic Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae Carriers in a Declining Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) Population
Brief Report February 5 2024
Dehorning Does Not Alter the Stress Response in Southern White Rhinoceroses (Ceratotherium simum simum) during Transport: A Preliminary Investigation.
Research Article February 5 2024
Surveillance for Selected Pathogens and Parasites of Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) from Western Oklahoma, USA, 2018–20
Research Article February 5 2024
Trichinella Infection in Culled Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) from El Palmar National Park, Argentina, and Exposure Risk in Humans and Dogs Consuming Wild Boar Meat
Brief Report February 5 2024
Variation in Muskox (Ovibos moschatus) Guard Hair Growth Rates: Implications for Measuring Chronological Biomarkers
Research Article February 5 2024
Evaluation of Metal Partitioning Across Humboldt Penguin (Spheniscus humboldti) Egg Components
Brief Report February 2 2024
Bovine Tuberculosis in Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) in Slovenia
Research Article February 2 2024
Resolution of Clinical Signs of Sarcoptic Mange in American Black Bears (Ursus americanus), in Ivermectin-Treated and Nontreated Individuals
Brief Report January 31 2024
Treat Yourself: Pilot Testing a New Method to Treat Mange in Wild Carnivores
Research Article January 31 2024
Epizootiology and Pathology of Sarcoptic Mange in Two Species of Fox (Lycalopex spp.) in Human-Dominated Landscapes of Central Chile
Brief Report January 31 2024
Hemotropic Mycoplasmas (Hemoplasmas) in Free-Ranging Azara’s Agoutis (Dasyprocta azarae) from an Urban Area of Southern Brazil
Research Article January 31 2024
Molecular Survey of Haemosporidian Parasites in Procellariiformes Sampled in Southern Brazil, 2013–2022
Brief Report January 30 2024
Ecology and Chronic Wasting Disease Epidemiology Shape Prion Protein Gene Variation in Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni)
letter January 29 2024
Cutaneous Histiocytosis in an Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)
Research Article January 25 2024
Effects of Butorphanol on Respiration in White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) Immobilized with Etorphine-Azaperone
Research Article January 25 2024
Reduce, Replace, Refine: Determining A Posteriori Reference Intervals for Biochemistry in Hermann’s Tortoise (Testudo hermanni)
letter January 25 2024
Suspected True Hermaphroditism in a Free-ranging Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) in Interior Alaska, USA
Brief Report January 24 2024
Adiaspiromycoses in Wild Rodents from the Pyrenees, Northeastern Spain
Research Article January 20 2024
Detection and Differentiation of Entomopathogenic Serratia spp. to Inform Reintroduction of the Critically Endangered Stick Insect Dryococelus australis
Brief Report December 13 2023
A Novel Hazard for an Endangered Fox in a Novel Environment
Book Review September 29 2023
Methods for Ecological Research on Terrestrial Small Mammals
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