Steven Leifman, JD, the closing keynote speaker at the 2012 CPNP Annual Meeting on May 2 in Tampa, will discuss the criminalization of mental illness and overview a Florida Supreme Court report outlining recommendations to decrease inappropriate and costly involvement of mentally ill persons in the justice system. How can you be part of the new and effective strategies that are being developed and employed to transform the mental health system? Visit the link to a directory of online resources Judge Leifman recommends regarding this pressing issue. As well, learn more from Judge Leifman in the CPNP video provided below along with the numerous other You Tube and NPR links featuring Judge Leifman.


Without adequate training and access to community-based mental health resources, law enforcement officers face tremendous obstacles in responding to people with mental illness. This section identifies resources for local law enforcement agencies looking to address mental health issues.


People with mental illness appear repeatedly before judges and cycle in and out of jail for low-level crimes which are often the result of untreated mental illness. This section identifies resources for mental health courts or other court-based initiative targeting defendants with a mental illness.


The number of people with mental illness who are in prison or jail, or under probation or parole supervision, has increased dramatically in recent years. This section identifies resources for initiatives targeting people with mental illness upon their admission to jail or prison, while they are incarcerated, and after they are released to the community to the supervision of probation and/or parole.