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Book: Get the Residency: ASHP's Guide to Residency Interviews and Preparation

From the publisher

You need to get the residency but the odds are tougher and the field more competitive than ever. How can you stand out in the field of thousands competing for critical residency positions? ASHP's new guide can help you. Based on a course that has gotten acceptance rates of 83 percent versus the national average of about 60. Order your copy, and get answers to your questions, including: When do I start planning my residency strategy and how? How can I set up a time line and task list to keep myself on target for success? How can I ace the interview process? What should I have in my portfolio, my CV, my resume? What happens if I don t make the match? The authors of this book are turning students into dynamic, successful candidates, and offer candid advice, guidance, and warnings that will be directly applicable to your hunt for a post graduate residency or fellowship.

From the CPNP member

This book does a fantastic job of describing a “Plan of Attack –What to Do and When to Do It” for the pharmacy student who is interested in a residency after graduation. It describes where the student should focus each year of pharmacy school in order to be well-prepared to compete for a residency program. It reviews the importance of grades compared to working during school, when to talk with faculty at their school, and what communication with residency programs is expected before, during and after midyear clinical meeting regarding PPS interviews. This 150 page book also reviews every phase of the match process; as well as interviewing, application and curriculum vitae tips. It is a great value for a small $20 investment. Securing a pharmacy residency in the U.S. is more competitive than ever and this tool will greatly benefit any pharmacy student who is considering pursuing a residency after graduation.

Author notes

Book by: Joshua Caballero, PharmD, BCPP, Kevin A Clauson, PharmD, and Sandra Benavides, PharmD