Greetings. Well, Autumn/early Winter is arriving. Amazing that soon it will be the Holiday Season. As always, time passes quickly. Time has also passed quickly since we updated everyone on the progress that has occurred with respect to the overarching CPNP priorities identified during our last strategic planning meeting. I want to use part of this message to do that.

Priority # 1: Advance existing relationships and establish new relationships with other organizations. CPNP will focus on improving relationships with additional consumer associations, professional associations, corporate supporters and legislative partners.

We've made significant progress. Just to point out a few: We have partnered with the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP), the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) and other associations to co-market CPNP's Drug-Induced Movement Disorders DVD; in addition, we will be continuing to look for opportunities to develop joint educational sessions appropriate for both association audiences, as well as CPNP. Several CPNP members are working jointly on a research project in collaboration with NAMI to evaluate the impact and utility of the medication fact sheets that CPNP authors for NAMI. Though not sponsored by CPNP, this project is supported by CPNP in terms of logistics support and as the conduit for researchers to join together on these efforts. The results of this process should help improve these information sheets and further strengthen our relationship with NAMI. We have established a program for corporate sponsorship and, to date, have successfully established relationships with two 2013 corporate sponsors. The organization makes continuous outreach and engages in partnerships through the pharmacy stakeholders group and through numerous other contacts as we work hard to obtain payment for pharmacist services. Numerous letters and phone calls to CMS and others have been conducted to develop relationships and educate and promote psychiatric pharmacists.

Priority # 2: Maximize the visibility of existing CPNP resources. CPNP will focus on marketing the resources we have already developed including our white papers and products to ensure that your volunteer efforts are fully utilized.

We're progressing well on this front also. As noted above, co-marketing of our Movement Disorders DVD is occurring in addition to advertising on Amazon and soon the Training Resource Campus in order to gain exposure to a broader group of potential purchasers and users. Some may have noticed that CPNP's BCPP Examination Review and Recertification Course has been re-named, “The Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy Review Course”. We believe that this change will help emphasize that this product is useful (and is being used) for several other educational purposes. Mental Health Clinician, CPNP's online journal is continuing to experience significant increases in “hits” by readers. This is another signal that our products and resources are getting noticed. We have also recently established copyright clearance policies for materials in the Shared Resources portion of our web page. This step should increase access to these valuable resources. Finally, in the near future, a commentary paper by CPNP Past-President, Glen Stimmel, will be appearing in AJHP. This article will emphasize the CPNP Manifesto as well as the CPNP White Paper regarding the value of psychiatric pharmacist integration into medical homes. Our intent is to put CPNP and our members “out in front” of the health-care community and emphasize the value that we and our resources offer.

Priority # 3: Nurture the culture of volunteerism to help grow future leaders. We will focus on developing ways to encourage and develop volunteer leadership that will both guide our volunteer-driven organization and mold our specialty over the coming decades.

Each of you received several messages during the last few weeks regarding volunteer opportunities within CPNP. It is at this time of year that those opportunities blossom (even though it is Autumn). As I re-examine our most recent solicitation for volunteers, there are almost 200 distinct volunteer positions open on standing committees, three editorial boards, and ad hoc (e.g., poster submission review) groups. In addition, the Mental Health Clinician has begun receiving submissions for publication that will require peer-review. As a result, even more opportunities will be arising over the next several weeks. As our priority indicates, CPNP is a volunteer-driven organization. The willingness of our members to give of their time, talent, and expertise is what makes CPNP great. And, volunteering is a tremendous way to get involved with the leadership of CPNP for the future. Please be sure to update your Volunteer Profile on the CPNP web site and indicate the areas where you would like to be involved.

The second half of Priority #3 speaks to the development of future leadership for CPNP. That critical process is “in play” right now. The Nominating Committee has provided an outstanding slate of candidates for leadership positions on CPNP's Board of Directors. These people will bring their skills to the leadership of our organization. This is your opportunity to elect the people from this slate who you believe will bring our efforts further forward. Please take advantage of that opportunity.

Until next month, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving season.

Rex Lott