For many of us, summer brings thoughts of slowing down a bit and enjoying friends, family, and the great outdoors. Within CPNP, summer is the time when we pause and reflect upon the recently concluded annual meeting, considering the attendee feedback and ways to make it even better next time. July, the traditional midpoint of the summer season, marks the start of CPNP's new fiscal and membership year, along with the transition of officers. The makeup of the board of directors for this year includes:

  • President: Jerry McKee, PharmD, BCPP

  • President-Elect: Rex Lott, PharmD, BCPP

  • Past-President: Steve Stoner, PharmD, BCPP

  • Secretary: Carol Ott, PharmD, BCPP

  • Treasurer: Steven Burghart, DPh, MBA, BCPP

  • Members-at-large: Jerry Overman PharmD, BCPP and Megan Ehret, PharmD, BCPP

Retiring board members are Mary Borovicka, PharmD, BCPP and Ann Richards, PharmD, BCPP. A special thanks is in order to these dedicated individuals, as CPNP has benefitted tremendously from their contribution of time, leadership, and guidance. With CPNP being a volunteer driven organization, the success of the organization is dependent upon the spirit of volunteerism exhibited by both Ann and Mary.

I cannot recall a more exciting time of opportunity and enthusiasm for both pharmacy in general and CPNP in particular. The buzz and energy in Phoenix at the annual meeting was palpable. The concept of pharmacist involvement as a pivotal player in comprehensive medication therapy management has captured the imagination of our members. Specifically for CPNP, it has become increasing clear to healthcare payors that behavioral health issues must be diagnosed and treated appropriately in order to maximize the impact on medical co-morbidities. Therefore the primary care world is hungry for the expertise of psychiatric and neurologic pharmacists. The window of opportunity to realize the full potential of this concept is open for what is expected to be a short time. CPNP is aggressively representing our interests in this regard through the Legislative Committee and the Comprehensive Medication Management Task Force.

On other fronts, the CPNP Foundation has officially launched and needs your support as they begin fundraising activities. CPNP will be partnering with the CPNP Foundation in supporting efforts to facilitate our impact on the care of those we serve. CPNP has a growing history of excellence with the Board of Pharmacy Specialties as the training resource for pharmacists preparing to take the BCPP exam, as well as those BCPPs who are recertifying via the continuing education route. With new leadership at BPS, there are opportunities to improve and build upon this relationship to market our specialty to those outside of pharmacy. Ongoing communication and marketing of psychiatric pharmacy residency programs and the building of CPNP student chapters offer opportunities to identify and train young, talented professionals to prepare them for leadership positions within pharmacy and CPNP. This month the inaugural edition of the Mental Health Clinician is being released, the result of many months of planning by the editorial board, and another step towards a CPNP journal. Lastly, the program committee is well on their way in preparing for the annual meeting in Tampa, Florida in the spring of 2012. The challenge for them and for the board of directors is to build upon the watershed meeting that just passed in terms of content and attendance.

That brings us to your role within CPNP. As noted above, CPNP depends upon member efforts to make the organization successful. I have found that we learn most of what makes us successful from our parents. My dad, an old Navy veteran, always suggested to me that 90 percent of his success in the military was simply due to what he called “showing up”. Oddly enough, I have found this tenet to be true to a surprising degree. In order to position ourselves to win, the first step involves entering the contest. So I am challenging you, on behalf of CPNP, to “show up”, get involved as a CPNP committee member, actively participate on the listserv, reach out to your local NAMI chapter as a resource, mentor Pharm.D. interns, consider starting a residency program, and the list goes on.

CPNP is a very open and inviting organization that actively solicits and accepts input from the membership. It is truly a team effort. In that regard, there are multiple opportunities to within CPNP that I believe will be rewarding both to you professionally, to our patients, and to the organization as well. On behalf of the CPNP Board of Directors, I look forward to us all “showing up” this year and jointly building on the success of those who have served us so well in the past.

Best Regards-

Jerry McKee