This summer's record breaking heat has been paralleled only by the blazing hot work of CPNP members. Many of our members as well as residents and Purdue student chapter members participated in the recent NAMI annual meeting in Chicago. CPNP sponsored a booth in the exhibit hall to increase awareness of psychiatric pharmacists and CPNP. CPNP volunteers also answered questions from consumers at the “Ask the Psychiatric Pharmacist” booth in the exhibit hall. CPNP members Steven Burghart, Kimberly Lintner, and Jennifer Zacher presented a workshop to a standing room only crowd on July 9 entitled, “Suicidality and Risks of Medications Used to Treat Mental Illness.”' This effort is just the most recent chapter in a long-standing partnering of CPNP with NAMI.

New residents are now in place and we welcome them to the world of psychiatric pharmacy. We hope that you find the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists to be of value and encourage you to consider joining us as a member.

With a July 2011 inaugural issue, The Mental Health Clinician (MHC) delves into new topics each month to provide a psychiatric pharmacist perspective on a wide variety of clinical issues. The first issue of MHC explored some of the ways that CPNP members have attempted to monitor, track, and reverse metabolic effects of antipsychotic medications. As a measure of the impact of the MHC launch, website traffic for the July MHC more than doubled compared to the June E-News. Stay tuned to this evolving e-publication as this month, the MHC focus is a psychiatric pharmacy perspective on comprehensive medication therapy management. Clearly this topic is of great interest to our members.

In other venues many members are beginning preparation for the October BCPP examination, while BCPPs are completing the recertification continuing education materials with deadlines looming (literature review recertification due no later than August 24, 2011 while the live/online programming is due no later than October 26, 2011). Happy studying to all.

Enjoy the rest of the summer as we move rapidly towards the new academic year.

Until next time,

Jerry McKee