Thanks to the contributions of time and talent, members have helped CPNP to make great strides in its short 15 years of existence. CPNP is truly a membership-driven organization. This is especially true in selecting future leaders of the organization. Another of the many ways you can contribute is to nominate your peers and colleagues with the dedication and time to take CPNP even further. On or before Tuesday, September 13, you have the opportunity to nominate leaders for 3 positions on the CPNP Board of Directors (President-Elect, Secretary and Member-At-Large). You can log in as well to learn more about the requirements for each position. As the immediate past-president of the Board, I can attest to the value of this experience and encourage you to recommend those you respect as well as consider nominating yourself for this excellent opportunity.

Once an individual has been nominated, they will be asked to complete a form detailing their current position, professional experience, prior CPNP volunteer work, other professional activities they are involved in, and board positions he/she is willing to serve in. This information is then shared with the Nominating Committee consisting of me as Immediate Past President and Chair, Past Presidents Ann Richards and Carla Cobb, Jill Fowler and Vicki Ellingrod. This information is merged with a historical profile of CPNP involvement all of which assists the nominating committee in evaluating the skill sets and leadership of those nominated to meet the needs of the Board. The final slate of six nominees (2 for each position) will be based on the future skill sets and leadership needs of the board matched with the qualifications of those nominated as detailed on their nomination profiles. This slate will be offered to the membership for voting in late October through mid-November.

Nominations for the prestigious Judith J. Saklad Memorial Award are also being accepted through September 13. This award is presented annually to a senior psychiatric pharmacy practitioner who has achieved a level of professional distinction and demonstrates a continuing dedication to the practice of psychiatric pharmacy. Like Dr. Saklad, this practitioner will represent the qualities and ideals of professional enthusiasm, in addition to possessing a passion for optimizing patient care. You are encouraged to review the Saklad award criteria and provide a substantive, thoughtful nomination for the colleagues you believe are most deserving of this recognition.

Each and every one of us can make our contributions to CPNP and this is one of the significant ways you can make a difference to an organization so important to our profession.

Michael Casher, MD, Jolene Bostwick, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCPP, and Louis Feurino III, MD

This clinical pearl by Michael Casher, MD, and CPNP member Jolene Bostwick, Pharm.D., BCPS, was published in the October 2010 issue of Current Psychiatry.

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