Stop me if you have heard this story already. I am still perseverating on volunteerism! CPNP is presently recruiting volunteers for 2012 committees and activities. Although we have volunteer opportunities year-round, we are seeking Recertification, Review course and Mental Health Clinician Editorial Board applicants. As well, we will be recruiting 2012 committee members through the end of November. Simply let us know your preferences in your volunteer profile which is now available and editable year round through My CPNP at As President-Elect Rex Lott has recently noted, the contacts and skills that you gain can, in the long run, make you a stronger, more efficient and more effective practitioner. Based upon my experience with CPNP, I can guarantee this to be true. Engaging and using the Psychiatric Pharmacy Manifesto as our “North Star”, we can collectively accomplish great things.

On another note, one of our major responsibilities and privileges as a member of CPNP is electing the future leaders of our association. This year, as is our tradition, we have an impressive array of candidates on the ballot. Please cast your vote before the end of day November 16, 2011 for the offices of President-Elect, Secretary and Member-at-Large for service on the CPNP Board of Directors for the years 2011–2013. Please remember that only active, paying members may vote (student, resident, affiliate or associate members do not have a vote). In conjunction with board voting, CPNP is conducting our annual Member Services Survey developed by your hardworking peers currently serving on CPNP committees. Here responses are being sought from all members except students who are surveyed separately. Information collected directly influences the priorities and direction of CPNP committees going forward.

The Tampa, Florida CPNP (April 29–May 2, 2012) Annual Meeting program content and agenda is now set – turn to other articles within this edition of MHC to learn more. Many of you will be attending the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists mid-year meeting in New Orleans in early December. Best wishes to those who will be recruiting for psychiatric pharmacy residency candidates. CPNP will be hosting a booth during the Residency Showcase promoting the rewards of a career in psychiatric pharmacy. If you will be on-site and wish to volunteer to staff the booth, please contact the office at Don't forget to check out CPNP's psych residency directory for more information on existing psychiatric pharmacy residency opportunities.

In closing, hope you all are enjoying the fall season, the anticipation of rapidly approaching holiday season, continued success, and good health.

Until Next Time-

Jerry McKee Pharm.D., M.S., BCPP