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Book: Best Practices for Medical Educators

Paperback: 287 pages. Publisher: NEI Press; First edition (April 1, 2009), Language: English. ISBN-10: 1422500497, ISBN-13: 978-1422500491 Approximate cost: $32.49

This book is an invaluable resource for medical educators. As pharmacists, we are all medical educators because our profession expects us to integrate teaching in our everyday practice, whether we are teaching patients and their family members, or teaching our peers and colleagues. However, few of us have been able to apply the science of communication in our teaching, and rarely do we evaluate the effectiveness of our teaching methods and approach. In this book, the authors expertly guide the readers to shift the focus on medical teaching to the learner instead of the usual focus on knowledge and facts. With this change of focus, not only do we pay attention to “what is said”, but we also learn “how to say it” and how to accurately measure our effectiveness and teach successfully.

Maestro Stahl has done it again. Instead of educating us on cutting-edge theory and pragmatics of neuropsychopharmacology, he is taking it one step further, teaching us how to better educate others. The target audience for this timely, concise, yet comprehensive pearl is medical educators, but the lessons he and Richard Davis illustrate are applicable to a much broader audience. Stephen Stahl is widely regarded as one of the best, most effective and most influential teachers of contemporary psychopharmacology. On these pages, like a master pitching coach, he breaks down the essential mechanics, step by step, of effective pedagogy and delivery. Even novices, as well as the already established teachers, can assimilate the message, apply the material, and improve their game.

Author notes

Book by: Stephen M. Stahl & Richard L. Davis