CPNP is pleased to announce extension of a special subscription price to Current Psychiatry, a monthly peer-reviewed publication, and the leading source of practical, evidence-based information for healthcare professionals treating psychiatric patients. Thanks to the CPNP partnership with Current Psychiatry, CPNP members can receive a year of Current Psychiatry at a cost of $24, over 77% less than the normal subscription rate.

The editorial board, led by Editor-in-Chief Dr. Henry Nasrallah, is comprised of authoritative, well respected and engaged thought leaders and all articles are pretested and authored by leading authorities. Current Psychiatry is the best read clinical review publication as measured by the syndicated audits. In addition to review articles, each issue features a variety of departmental features such as:

  • Savvy Psychopharmacology (in collaboration with CPNP)

  • Medicine in Brief

  • Out-of-the-Pipeline

  • Cases That Test Your Skills

  • Pearls

  • Malpractice Rx

  • Comments and Controversies

Current Psychiatry Submission Form

CPNP is pleased to provide a list of books by the 2012 Annual Meeting speakers. If you shop with CPNP by following the links to Amazon, a small commission will be paid to CPNP which helps to financially support our mission to improve the minds and lives of individuals with psychiatric and/or neurologic disorders.

Although each resource listed is reviewed by a CPNP committee for relevance, the inclusion or exclusion of a book does not constitute an official opinion or endorsement by CPNP.


Jennifer Zacher, Pharm.D., BCPP, has been promoted to Assistant Division Officer, Pharmacy Division at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Centers.

Would you like to attend the 2012 CPNP Annual Meeting but funding doesn't appear to be available? Maybe the CPNP Justification Toolkit can help.

Attending the CPNP Annual Meeting is a highly educational, career enhancing experience. You'll discover and learn to implement ideas that improve your practice and sharpen your professionalism. As you attend sessions and network with colleagues, you'll open your mind to innovative solutions.

CPNP is offering a practical strategy that should help you justify the expense of attending the Annual Meeting. This Justification Toolkit includes:

  • A benefits worksheet to help you quantify the benefits of your attendance. CPNP provides a completed worksheet to give your ideas but also provides a blank worksheet for you to customize for your uses.

  • An expenses worksheet to quantify the cost of your attendance. Here you can show all of the ways you can save on costs including taking advantage of pre-registration rates through March 28.

  • A sample letter to your supervisor bringing it all together—benefits, costs and value. Additional tips to selling your attendance are also provided.

Hopefully this service from the CPNP Program Committee will help to pave the way for your visit to Tampa in April!

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and CPNP have worked collaboratively for many years to assist and support the education of persons with mental illness and their families regarding psychoactive medications, psychiatric illness, and use of psychiatric pharmacists locally. CPNP authors “Ask the Psychiatric Pharmacist” columns and medication education monographs which are posted on the NAMI website for easy access.

The fifth annual “CPNP Walks for NAMI” event will occur during the CPNP Annual Meeting on May 2 in Tampa in downtown Tamp. This event involves a 5K walk/run with donations matched by CPNP. Since 2008, CPNP and Annual Meeting attendees have contributed over $15,000 to NAMI educational programs through walk donations. This annual event is coordinated by volunteer members of the CPNP Consumer Relations Committee and CPNP staff.

CPNP hopes you will contribute to an organization which provides so many valuable programs to patients and their family members. This is a fun and innovative way to support NAMI and get better acquainted with fellow CPNP members. Can't walk on May 2 with CPNP? Check out the NAMI web pages to learn if a walk is scheduled in your area.