Throughout the past decade, CPNP members have been among the scientists and clinicians advancing the understanding of genetic contributions to variability in response to medications used in psychiatry and neurology. The advancement of science and its translation to the patient empower clinicians to improve the therapeutic response to medications while minimizing distressing side effects.

2012 will again feature novel and innovative pharmacogenomics work. At the 2012 CPNP Annual Meeting poster sessions, attendees and poster presenters will have the opportunity to discuss the research and clinical application of pharmacogenomics face-to-face. The 2012 CPNP Annual Meeting will also feature two hours of programming dedicated to research and clinical application of pharmacogenomics.

For the past eight years, members have presented their research every year at the CPNP Annual Meetings. Review this exciting work by psychiatric and neurologic pharmacists – CPNP members and colleagues. View abstracts highlighting the advancement of psychiatric and neurologic science and practice in pharmacogenomics.

This edition of MHC features abstracts selected as 2012 Innovative Practice and Original Research award finalists. Innovative Practice award finalists will present their abstracts during the platform presentations on Monday, April 30, during the 2012 Annual Meeting. Winners for all categories will be announced on Tuesday, May 1. The next MHC will feature the Research Trainee and Therapeutic Case Report award finalist abstracts. Registered attendees can browse all abstracts accepted for the meeting.

Innovative Practices Award Finalists

Thea R. Moore, PharmD, BCPP, Associate Professor, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL Utilization of Practice Faculty in the Development of Neuro/Psych Geriatric Pharmacy Services in a Health Science Center

Morgan C. Snyder, PharmD, Resident, The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy, Austin, TX Application of STOPP Criteria in Comparison to Beers Criteria in an Inpatient Psychiatric Facility and Impact on Utilization of Potentially Inappropriate Medications and Adverse Outcomes

Original Research Award Finalists

Alberto Augsten, PharmD, BCPP, Clinical Psychiatric Pharmacy Specialist, Memorial Regional Hospital, Miami, FL Comparison of psychiatric readmission rates of intramuscular paliperidone palmitate versus oral paliperidone

Douglas L. Boggs, PharmD, BCPP, MS, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Psychiatry, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven, CT Effects of Intravenous Nicotine on Symptomology and Cognition in Schizophrenia

Thanks to our partnership with Current Psychiatry (CP) published through Quadrant Healthcom Inc., another CPNP Savvy Psychopharmacology article was featured in the January edition of Current Psychiatry. The goal of this section is to present an evidence-based discussion to guide safe, effective prescribing of psychotropic medications. Kyle Burghardt, PharmD, and Vicki L. Ellingrod, PharmD, BCPP, FCCP authored this month's article on Smoking cessation: What to tell patients about over-the-counter treatments.

A reminder that a special subscription price is available to Current Psychiatry, a monthly peer-reviewed publication, and the leading source of practical, evidence-based information for healthcare professionals treating psychiatric patients. Thanks to the CPNP partnership with Current Psychiatry, CPNP members can receive a year of Current Psychiatry at a cost of $24, over 77% less than the normal subscription rate.

Watch John Tovar, MD, preview the sessions he will present on the management of metabolic syndrome in the psychiatric patient at the 2012 CPNP Annual Meeting on May 1 in Tampa. Dr. Tovar will be discussing the controversial questions that were posed by the expert panels of the Adult Treatment Plan IV (ATP IV) and the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure (JNC 8) and the most current evidence available to help answer these questions. In the second session, Dr. Tovar will lead you through clinical cases designed to apply this knowledge to the management of psychiatric patients. For more information about the upcoming guidelines please visit the following links to the National Institutes of Health.



The CPNP Student Registration Grant Program is designed to assist passionate student members in attending the Annual Meeting and participating in the poster session. The grants were made possible by a number of generous donations, as well as matching funds provided by CPNP, from the following members: Jennifer Bean, PharmD, BCPS, Matthew Brown, PharmD, Martha Fankhauser, MSPharm, RPh, BCPP, FASHP, Sarah E. Grady, PharmD, BCPP, BCPS, Melody Huang, PharmD, Karen A. Kelly, MD, Julie C. Kissack, PharmD, BCPP, Gary M. Levin, PharmD, BCPP, FCCP, Jerry R. McKee, PharmD, BCPP, MS, Chloe E. Morgan, PharmD, BCPP, BCPS, Carol A. Ott, PharmD, BCPP, Tara Purvis, PharmD, BCPP, Gregory B. Toney, PharmD, BCPP, Julia E. Vertrees, PharmD, BCPP, and Barbara G. Wells, PharmD, BCPP, FCCP.

In order to apply, individuals had to be full-time second, third or fourth year students in a professional pharmacy degree program, and had to be active, paid student members of CPNP in good standing. The application included the student's curriculum vitae or resume, a letter of recommendation from a clinical pharmacist or faculty member, and a personal essay. Within the essay, students were asked to describe their interest in CPNP and psychiatric or neurologic pharmacy, as well as personal objectives for attending the annual meeting.

Fourteen students submitted online Meeting Registration Grant applications to the student committee in February. The student committee greatly enjoyed reviewing the students' personal essays. Much like the pharmacists fortunate to work in the mental health field, these students cited various reasons for their passion for psychiatry, including the desire to raise awareness about mental illness, overcome stigma, and provide support for individuals who lack the support of family, friends and community. Many students included stories in their essays about friends, family or strangers who have inspired them with their triumphs over mental illness.

These students are very excited about and proud of their involvement with CPNP. Within their essays, they listed the many benefits of CPNP membership, including opportunities for networking, expanding their knowledge and advocacy. Students appreciate CPNP because it connects them to psychiatric and neurologic pharmacists, other students with similar interests, and even other national organizations related to mental health, such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness. They enjoy the various resources provided by CPNP, including articles in Savvy Pharmacology and The Mental Health Clinician, emails from the listserv, and access to free continuing education courses. Mostly, they are passionate about mental health and see CPNP as an opportunity to advocate for improved care for this very important population.

Being awarded a meeting registration grant will afford these students with an opportunity to attend the annual meeting in Tampa, and many of the applicants spoke about their objectives for attending the meeting, including exploring the careers of psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy, gaining new knowledge, networking with psychiatric and neurologic pharmacists as well as other students, evaluating potential residency options through the Residency Roundtable, and presenting posters. Additionally, those who are part of a student chapter of CPNP at their institution are looking forward to networking with students from other chapters and, and “showing off” all of their chapter's accomplishments.

The Student Committee, chaired by Sarah Grady, had the privilege of awarding the grants. The student member grant recipients and associated schools of pharmacy are listed below:

  • Gabriela Dimitrievski, Purdue University

  • Kristen Gardner, University of Michigan

  • Kalyn Hendrix, Auburn University

  • Caitlin Lentz, Purdue University

  • Natalya Maslow, University of Maryland

  • Pauline Park, Nova Southeastern University

  • Nora Roman, Purdue University

  • Barbara Swift, University of Florida

Reviewing these essays was an inspiring exercise, and the committee was amazed by the drive, passion and accomplishments of these student members of our organization. Not only was it exciting to learn more about the potential future leaders of CPNP, it also reminded us of why we practice in our chosen fields of psychiatry and neurology: to provide education about medications, to serve our patients, and to be inspired by their stories. Thanks to all who submitted applications.


Christian Teter, PharmD, BCPP, presented “Cognitive enhancement: Prevalence and motives for the nonmedical use of prescription stimulants among students” on February 9, 2012 at the Mastering the Challenges in Higher Education: Considering the way students learn, cheat, and enhance performance conference. The conference was February 8-9 at the University of Bielefeld, Germany. Dr. Teter also be presented his lecture on February 10, 2012 in Berlin to the Charite Department of Psychiatry.

Ray Love, PharmD, BCPP, FASHP, has been appointed as an APhA representative to the PQA Mental Health Workgroup. This is a one-year appointment for calendar year 2012. The PQA Mission is: To improve the quality of medication management and use across healthcare settings with the goal of improving patients' health through a collaborative process to develop and implement performance measures and recognize examples of exceptional pharmacy quality. PQA is an alliance of pharmacy organizations that focuses on measures. They were recognized by CMS and at their founding (in which the CMS director participated) and CMS said once pharmacy had measures, they would consider pharmacist recognition as providers (and hence reimbursement) for tasks that could be benchmarked.

Troy Moore, PharmD, MS, BCPP, for being featured in the ASHP Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists newslink which highlights members' stories and the work they do for our profession . Congratulations to Troy Moore who was featured in the February newsletter.

Kelly Gable, PharmD, BCPP, on the birth of Liliana Sydney Bunis. Liliana was born 2-26-12 at 7:57 PM. She weighed 6 pounds and was 19.75 inches long. Mom, Dad and Lily are happy and healthy!