Those of you on-site at the CPNP Annual Meeting in Tampa will recall numerous discussions regarding CPNP's efforts in the legislative arena. In an effort to ensure that all organizational efforts in the realm of clinical recognition and reimbursement are well coordinated and synergistic, CPNP leadership has formed an oversight group that reports to the Board of Directors. The Comprehensive Medication Management Reimbursement (CMMR) Task Force has been formed to coordinate and oversee the various CPNP committees that are working towards our goals of gaining recognition of psychiatric pharmacists as essential care team members and in gaining reimbursement for services. The CMMR Task Force consists of representatives from the Legislative Committee, the CPNP Executive Leadership team, the CPNP Executive Director and Government Affairs Consultant. As much of the scope of work revolves around legislative issues, a great deal of the effort will be with the CPNP Legislative Committee and Carey Potter, CPNP's Government Affairs Consultant.

The CMMR Task Force has the following objectives:

  1. Identify committees that have specific charges related to the broader objectives of CPNP in this arena and connect with these committee chairs to assure that all are on point with moving forward synergistically. The Legislative Committee will be the hub of this work, however others will be involved as well.

  2. Using the Psychiatric Pharmacist Manifesto and the BHI white paper, identify specific services we provide that make us unique in impacting patient care issues.

  3. Work to align CPNP with other professional organizations with shared interests and goals to move our agenda forward both within and external to pharmacy.

  4. Advise the work of the Government Affairs Consultant and the Legislative Committee as they work to identify states where pharmacist reimbursement may be achievable in the short-term and work towards that end with state-level CPNP volunteer representatives.

  5. In order to demonstrate our story effectively, continue to seek publication of a topic paper to include the CPNP behavioral health integration position statement and to showcase of practices where this model is being used. Target journals will be evaluated and submissions completed.

The CMMR will not be able to carry the load alone and will be reaching out to CPNP members at various times and sometimes at short notice, to request your assistance. We encourage you to make a commitment to this effort as CPNP has.