The closing keynote address at the 2013 CPNP Annual Meeting on Wednesday, April 24 will be presented by nationally recognized Dr. Atul Butte. We have accumulated several resources to provide you a taste of how Dr. Butte applies tools that convert more than 300 billion points of molecular, clinical, and epidemiological data -- measured by researchers and clinicians over the past decade -- into diagnostics, therapeutics, and new insights into disease.

Atul Butte, MD, PhD, the closing keynote speaker at the 2013 CPNP Annual Meeting on April 24 in Colorado Springs will discuss Drug Repurposing and Repositioning in his session Transforming 300 Billion Points of Data into Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and New Insights into Disease. Learn more about this nationally recognized speaker and his cutting-edge work through the various articles and videos below. Register now to catch this amazing keynote session at the 2013 Annual Meeting.

View a 14 minute clip of Dr. Butte at TEDMED 2012

Read a Wall Street Journal Point-Counterpoint article featuring Dr. Butte supporting healthy people having their genome sequenced

Read an article in the Summer 2012 edition of Stanford Medicine on Dr. Butte's work in mining the Digitalization of Medical Research

This edition of MHC features abstracts selected as 2013 Therapeutic Case Report, New Investigator, and Original Research award finalists. Award finalists will present their abstracts during the platform presentations on Monday, April 22, during the 2013 Annual Meeting. Winners for all categories will be announced on Tuesday, April 23.

Therapeutic Case Report Award Finalists

3:15–3:30 p.m.: Jessica Brennan, PharmD, Psychiatric Clinical Pharmacist, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic/University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Reversal of Korsakoff's Syndrome Following High Dose Intramuscular Thiamine

3:30–3:45 p.m.: Clinton Ross, PharmD, Psychiatric Clinical Pharmacist, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic/University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA

High Dose Haloperidol Decanoate Augmentation with Paliperidone Palmitate

New Investigator Award Finalist

3:45–4:00 p.m.: Michael Kemp, PharmD, BCPP, Psychiatric Pharmacist, Vitality Health Authority, Moncton, NB

Impact of a Theophylline Loading Dose on Seizure Quality Indices During Electroconvulsive Therapy: A Retrospective Study

Original Research Award Finalists

4:00–4:15 p.m.: Jack Chen, PharmD, BCPS, CGP, FASCP, FCCP, Associate Professor, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA

ANCHOR-CD: The Abobotulinumtoxin-A Neurotoxin Clinical & Health Economics Outcomes Registry in Cervical Dystonia

4:15–4:30 p.m.: Lisa Goldstone, PharmD, MS, BCPS, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, Tucson, AZ

Economic Impact of Public Benefit Changes on Seriously Mentally Ill Patients in Southern Arizona

CPNP is pleased to provide a list of books authored by our well-published 2013 Annual Meeting speakers. If you shop with CPNP by following the links to Amazon, a small commission will be paid to CPNP which helps to financially support our mission to improve the minds and lives of individuals with psychiatric and/or neurologic disorders. Shawn Shea, MD, will be presenting the Pre-Meeting session as well as Monday's keynote session. Two of Dr. Shea's books, Improving Medication Adherence: How to Talk with Patients About their Medication, and The Practical Art of Suicide Assessment: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals and Substance Abuse Counselors are available for purchase for $40 each. Dr. Shea will sign the books on-site.

Omar Manejwala, MD, MBA, FAPA, will be presenting Tuesday's keynote session. Dr. Manejwala's book, Craving: Why We Can't Seem to Get Enough, is available for purchase for $14 until April 8. Dr. Manejwala will sign his book on-site April 23 from 8:15–8:40 a.m.

Although each resource listed is reviewed by a CPNP committee for relevance, the inclusion or exclusion of a book does not constitute an official opinion or endorsement by CPNP.

Each quarter, CPNP offers one CPNP University session FREE of charge to CPNP members. This quarter's Complimentary CPNP University member product is Finding Common Ground Across the Psychosis Spectrum delivered at the 2012 Annual Meeting. During this presentation, Roy Perlis, MD, MSc, discusses recent findings in genetic studies of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, as well as examine their implications on diagnostic tools and treatment. You can learn more about this course and speaker Roy Perlis at the CPNP University course page.

This knowledge-based course provides access to the speaker's presentation and 1 hour of ACPE continuing education credit upon successful completion of the required online examination available through June 30, 2013. Once you select any CPNP University Course, the presentation will always be available to you through your My CPNP page even after the ACPE eligibility has expired.

The 2013 Annual Meeting (April 21–24 in Colorado Springs) features a follow-up pharmacogenetics presentation you won't want to miss--Pharmacogenetics of Bipolar Disorder: Clinical Application and Drug Response. Dr. John Kelsoe, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego, will discuss the use of lithium in bipolar disorder, the clinical need for pharmacogenetics of lithium response, a review of genomic methods that are used to identify genes influencing drug response, and will describe the value of pharmacogenetics in better understanding the mechanism of bipolar disorder. Register now to attend the 2013 Annual Meeting to benefit from this and many other cutting-edge sessions.


Randy Malan, RPh, FASCP, was selected as the 2012 recipient of the Bowl of Hygeia Award for outstanding community service. He was presented with the award during the IPhA Annual Conference, September 21–22, 2012.

Rania Kattura, PharmD, MS, BCPP, accepted a new position as clinical assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin, College of Pharmacy.

Jolene Bostwick, on the birth of her son. Cole Ryan was born March 19 and everyone is healthy and happy.

Eric Kutscher, PharmD, BCPP, was recently approved as a Fellow of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Dr. Kutscher will be awarded at a ceremony in June.

Greg Payne, on the birth of his son. Korben Flynn Payne was born March 28 and everyone is healthy and happy.

Several CPNP members served as contributing authors of the third edition of the recently released textbook, Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice, edited by Marie A. Chisholm-Burns, Barbara G. Wells, Terry L. Schwinghammer, Patrick M. Malone, Jill M. Kolesar, and Joseph T. DiPiro. CPNP members who served as authors include Megan J. Ehret, Clayton D. English, Melody Ryan, Christian J. Teter, Deanna L. Kelly, Heidi J. Wehring, Cherry W. Jackson, Marshall E. Cates, Brian L. Crabtree, and Sheila Botts. As this book is commonly used in pharmacy schools in the U.S. and internationally, these authors are making an important contribution to pharmacy education.

This edition of the MHC focuses on psychiatric pharmacy curriculum within pharmacy schools across the country. CPNP student chapters provide a way for future psychiatric pharmacists to extend their learning in the field beyond the classroom. In a few short years, the number of CPNP student chapters has grown to nine chapters across the country. Campus-based chapters offer students the opportunity to develop professional and technical perspectives associated with the psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy profession while pursuing their academic programs. Student participation in CPNP events, at the national or local level, provides professional development and valuable networking opportunities for future employment. Table 1 reflects the opportunities student chapters are providing CPNP collegiate members while showcasing the benefits the chapters bring to their campuses and their communities.

Table 1.

Student Chapter Activities

Student Chapter Activities
Student Chapter Activities