Schizophrenia is a chronic, debilitating disorder in which successful long-term management represents a considerable clinical challenge. However, recent advances in the field are beginning to show promise toward enabling clinicians to render effective, personalized care. This activity will examine diagnostic tools for effective symptom assessment in schizophrenia and evolving theories on the pathogenesis of schizophrenia. The limitations of current antipsychotics will also be discussed, as well as the emergence of novel therapeutics with unique receptor binding profiles with the potential to improve patient outcomes.

This complimentary, knowledge-based course consists of four modules (each valued at .5 contact hours of ACPE credit) authored by psychiatric pharmacists on the following topics:

Module 1: Symptom Classification in Schizophrenia (Deanna Kelly, PharmD, BCPP)

Module 2: Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia: Neurotransmitters, Receptors and Genetics (Roger W. Sommi, PharmD, FCCP, BCPP)

Module 3: Management of Schizophrenia (Steven Stoner, PharmD, BCPP and Beth Winans, PharmD, BCPP)

Module 4: The Future of Schizophrenia Management (Deanna Kelly, PharmD, BCPP)

There is no fee for the activity and participants must successfully complete an exam and evaluation at the end of each module in order to receive 2.0 contact hours (0.20 CEUs) of continuing pharmacy education credit. Take advantage of this great opportunity now.

The 16th Annual Meeting of the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists was held April 21–24, 2013 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This meeting hosted 495 attendees and continued to offer something for everyone including cutting-edge presentations, award winning posters, and extensive networking.

For more information, read CPNP press releases:

Elevating to New Heights in Neuropsychiatric Pharmacy was the theme of this year's Annual Meeting coordinated by the CPNP Program and Recertification Committees under the leadership of Chairs Jodie Malhotra, PharmD, and Sarah Melton, PharmD, BCPP, CGP, FASCP, BCACP. The pre-meeting workshop, The Delicate Art of Uncovering Suicidal Ideation and Intent, was delivered by Dr. Shawn Shea of the Training Institute for Suicide Assessment and Clinical Interviewing. Eighty-three individuals attended seeking information and skills necessary to tackle some of the most difficult and critical tasks regarding the assessment of suicide risk.

The first full day of the meeting kicked off with a keynote address by Dr. Shawn Shea on medication adherence and motivational interviewing techniques. Dr. Omar Manejwala provided the second keynote addressing the growing trend in synthetic drugs of abuse. Rounding out the meeting was a keynote address by Dr. Atul Butte who focused on the use of publicly-available molecular measurements to find new uses for drugs. Along with these challenging, thought-provoking keynote addresses, the meeting provided over 20 hours of varied programming on topics such as PTSD, the DSM-5, Neurology, Academic Detailing and much more.

CPNP attendees proved that there is much to be learned from each other as well. Networking opportunities consisted of one scientific poster session featuring over 130 posters along with platform presentations, and roundtable discussions. Peer recognition was also imbedded in the Annual Meeting agenda with the recognition of research award recipients and the awarding of the 16th Annual Saklad Memorial Award to Paul Perry, BSPharm, MSPharm, PhD, BCPP, FCCP of the Touro University College of Pharmacy.

The June edition of the Mental Health Clinician will feature numerous additional reports from the CPNP Annual Meeting so please be sure to read up on all happenings in early June. As well, don't forget to mark your calendars for the 2014 Annual Meeting to be held April 27–30 at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, Arizona.

CPNP is grateful to the 192 people who have volunteered for the association in some capacity during the committee year that has just concluded.

Volunteer contributions ranged from service on the Board and standing committees/editorial boards to reviewing abstract submissions for our Annual Meeting scientific poster session to assisting with field testing and cut-off scores to facilitating Annual Meeting Roundtables to participating in Annual Meeting student programming. Volunteers provide the manpower and leadership to ensure that CPNP provides current information and worthwhile and expansive products and services. Look for a listing of all MHC authors and peer reviewers in the June edition of the MHC.

Join us in celebrating our 2012–2013 volunteers. All members can contribute as volunteers and expand their professional network and skills. Simply keep your CPNP volunteer profile up to date in My CPNP so that we can call on you as opportunities become available and watch for new opportunities in the Volunteer Opportunities section of My CPNP.

Table 1.

2012–2013 Volunteers

2012–2013 Volunteers
2012–2013 Volunteers

Thanks to our partnership with Current Psychiatry (CP) published through Quadrant Healthcom Inc., another CPNP Savvy Psychopharmacology article was featured in the April 2013 edition of Current Psychiatry. The goal of this section is to present an evidence-based discussion to guide safe, effective prescribing of psychotropic medications. Kyle Burghardt, PharmD, and Kristen Gardner, BS authored last month's article on Sildenafil for SSRI-Induced Sexual Dysfunction in Women.

A reminder that a special subscription price is available to Current Psychiatry, a monthly peer-reviewed publication, and the leading source of practical, evidence-based information for healthcare professionals treating psychiatric patients. Thanks to the CPNP partnership with Current Psychiatry, CPNP members can receive a year of Current Psychiatry at a cost of $38.


Ray Love, PharmD, BCPP, FASHP, and Susan dosReis, RPh, PhD, were recently awarded the 2013 Alma Troccoli Service Award. This award is given to individuals who have contributed their expertise to significantly improve the mental health care of our youngest patients (youth < 6 years old). The award was presented to them on 4/12/13 at the University of Maryland Taghi Modarressi Memorial Lecture by the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, UM School of Medicine. The nomination for this award was based on their pioneering work in developing the Maryland Medicaid peer review program for pediatric antipsychotic treatment of preschoolers.

Charles Caley, PharmD, BCPP, started providing CMM/CDTM services for the West Hartford Clinic, which helps Cambodian refugees deal with trauma. See the full story.

Magdalena Zasadzki on the birth of her daughter March 25.