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Book: Rating Scales in Parkinson's Disease: Clinical Practice and Research

Product description:

For many years, the need to develop valid tools to evaluate signs and symptoms of Parkinson's Disease (PD) has been present. However the understanding of all intricacies of rating scales development was not widely available and the first attempts were relatively crude. In 2002, the Movement Disorders Society created a task force to systemize the measurement of Parkinson's Disease. Since then, the Task Force has produced and published several critiques to the available rating scales addressing both motor and non-motor domains of Parkinson's Disease. Additionally, the task force initiated a project to develop a new version of the UPDRS, the MDS-UPDRS. But none of this was made available in one convenient source. Until now.

Rating Scales in Parkinson's Disease: Clinical Practice and Research is written for researchers from the medical and social sciences, and for health professionals wishing to evaluate the progress of their patients suffering from Parkinson's Disease. The book is both exhaustive in the description of the scales and informative on the advantages and limitations of each scale. As such, the text clearly guides readers on how to choose and use the instruments available. Extensive cross-referenced tables and charts closely integrate the parts of the book to facilitate readers in moving from one symptom domain to another.

From the CPNP Member:

This is a brand new reference just released August of 2012 and discusses the history of rating scales, the measurements themselves, interpretation of the data, as well as economic studies. I would encourage those who have Parkinson's patients to evaluate how this reference may benefit them clinically, as well as watch for further reviews of this book, as it should be an essential reference.

Author notes

Book by: Cristina Sampaio, Christopher G. Goetz, and Anette Schrag