The London Olympics and the U.S. heat wave are getting a lot of attention in the popular media right now. Ranking right up there in important news is the fact that the popular summer television program, “America's Got Talent” is on hiatus during the Olympics.

All of that got me thinking again about CPNP and what is going on in psychiatric pharmacy. This is a period of Olympic-quality activity and effort that will add a lot of “virtual heat” to that created by the weather. New psychiatric pharmacy residents are beginning their “marathon.” Candidates for certification and recertification as BCPP's are entering the “final heat” of preparation before their examination in October. BCPP's who are recertifying by continuing education are entering the “last laps” as the deadlines for completing literature analysis and live programming exams approach. Good luck in these endeavors – Here's wishing all of these folks a “Gold Medal”.

In addition, there is Olympic quality activity going on within CPNP. Committees and Editorial Boards are all hard at work planning and producing products and services. Our Comprehensive Medication Management Reimbursement (CMMR) Workgroup has been very active in identifying practice models and gathering information that will aid in our efforts promoting reimbursement and partnering with others to make this happen.

As noted in a recent Weekly Update, Christopher Thomas, Pharm.D., BCPP, BCPS, CGP, will be representing CPNP on the Long-Term Care Stakeholder Advisory Group. That body will provide input to the Long-Term Care Technical Advisory Panel established by the Pharmacy Quality Alliance; the purpose of these bodies will be to provide input and develop performance measures to allow assessment of effectiveness of long-term care consultant pharmacists. Meeting our mission of improving health outcomes, several CPNP “team members” participated in the NAMI Annual Convention in Seattle in June. Their efforts are greatly appreciated – look for a more detailed report on their activities at the NAMI Convention in this issue of Mental Health Clinician.

As I reflect on all this activity and have more opportunities to see what CPNP and our members are accomplishing, and as I listen to what our members have to say, I'm excited that our entire organization is an Olympic quality team. Like the gymnasts, the volleyball players, the basketball players and all the others, we're a championship group – “Team CPNP”.

CPNP's Got Talent, and CPNP is definitely not on hiatus. Thanks to all for your contributions.

Stay cool. Best wishes,

Rex Lott