Greetings from the smoky West. The Pacific Northwest and my state, Idaho, are struggling with major wildfires. Smoke is thick in the air in many places. All of this caused me to pause a moment and reflect on important activities going on in CPNP.

Your CPNP Program Committee and the Recertification Editorial Board are definitely “on fire”. Both groups are developing programming for the upcoming 2013 Annual Meeting (April 21 – 24) in Colorado Springs (luckily, our meeting location, the beautiful Broadmoor Resort, was not damaged by the recent wildfires in Colorado!). You will hear more later this month about the exciting programming under development.

One of the top 3 organizational priorities identified by the CPNP Board of Directors for this year is “Nurturing a volunteerism culture that encourages development of new leaders”. Two very important processes related to this priority are beginning. First, nominations for elected leadership positions within CPNP are now open. The process is detailed in the article in this issue of MHC by Immediate Past-President and Nominations Committee Chair, Jerry McKee. All members are strongly encouraged to identify colleagues within CPNP who can and should be candidates to serve our organization in leadership roles. Nomination of anyone who has “smoldering” ambitions or interests in participation in CPNP leadership is welcome; this certainly includes self-nomination. This year, we are seeking nominations for candidates for President-Elect, Treasurer, and At-Large Board Member. Nominations are also being accepted for the Saklad Memorial Award. These nomination processes are important ways that CPNP members can continue to have a strong voice in the direction and continued growth of our organization.

Second, identification of members who wish to serve on CPNP Committees during the upcoming year is about to begin. A call for committee volunteers will be coming in October. Please complete your volunteer profile online on the CPNP website. This profile will allow CPNP's committee leaders and Board Members to match volunteers to committees and editorial boards. These profiles are also used to identify members who may be able to bring their skills to ad hoc committees and work-groups during the year. These two processes help light the “fires” that keep CPNP a vibrant, active organization.

Additionally, I'd like to update you on the status of the Mental Health Clinician. The MHC Editorial Board, fueled by a “burning” desire and “stoked” by a great deal of hard work and progress, has been actively moving to make MHC an indexed, peer-reviewed, open-access journal. A significant step in this process has recently occurred. MHC now has an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number). Assignment of this unique international identifier is a significant step for our journal. Read more information about the significance of the ISSN. Please join me in thanking Greg Payne, CPNP's Technology Director and Staff Liaison to the MHC Editorial Board, for his efforts in achieving this goal for our journal.

Until next time, have a great start to a beautiful Fall Season. Soon, the forest fires and wildfires will die out, but the fire within our membership will continue to build.

Best regards,

Rex Lott