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Book: Clinician's Guide to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

From the publisher

Clinician's Guide to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder brings together an international group of expert clinicians and researchers who address core issues facing mental health professionals, including:

  • Assessing and treating trauma exposure and posttraumatic morbidity

  • Controversies and clinical implications of differences of opinion among researchers on the definition and diagnosis of the condition

  • Treating the full range of posttraumatic reactions

  • Cross-cultural perspectives on posttraumatic stress

From the CPNP Member

The Clinician's Guide to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is a comprehensive and informative text that discusses all aspects of trauma and PTSD. It is broken down into 5 chapters that focus on Core issues in PTSD and 5 chapters that focus on Clinical Practice in PTSD. The chapters are authored by leading experts in the field and each chapter addresses one of the pressing issues of the day. At the close of the book is a section that discusses the future of PTSD with a focus on treatment and future DSM classification.

This is a very readable text that is applicable across a diverse range of disciplines that treat PTSD patients and would be a valuable resource to have for this very difficult to treat patient population.

Author notes

Book by: Gerald Rosen and Christopher Frueh